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The Albuquerque Ghost Hunters


Four Hills Investigation

Investigation Date : 11-17-07
Resident states possible spirits of Mother and Father in house. At times, animals refuse to go in to areas of the house. They have a feeling of presence in the house frequently.  Mother once told resident that she would often smell the cigar smoke from her grandfather and felt that it was a sign to let her know that he was around.

During the Investigation Chris, Couri and Cassy conducted EMF sweeps of the House and also conducted readings utilizing our Digital Thermometer. Although we had a few Spikes in EMF readings we really did not have any luck capturing anything visually.
How ever during the EMF sweep of the Nursery Chris exited the room into the main Hallway and heared what sounded to be the name Susan come from the room directly to the left. He didn't bother to investigate it as he thought he heard the other two investigators talking.
Video - During Video we really didn't capture anything. The Image was clear and had no discrepancies. During review of the Audio captured by the Video Unit the voice chris heard was captured by the Video Unit.
Audio - We captured a few things on the Audio equipment. Analyizing the data we determined more than half of what we heard was just back ground noise. During the analysis Chris reviewed the sections of data where he did hear that voice and discovered on all pieces of audio the voice can be heard saying the name SUSAN. Susan is the name of the client.

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