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The Albuquerque Ghost Hunters


Sun Creek Apartment Investigation

Investigation Date: 11-22-07

TAGH was requested by the renter of an apartment to come in and investigate the area for paranormal activity. The owner, a 20 year old female who now lives alone, use to reside with another female room mate.
The resident claims that during the time her room mate lived in the apartment, she witnessed a black haired girl standing in the corner of the dining room area, when she looked over at the girl, she disappeared. Since the room mate has moved out,  the resident has claimed that one day, while in the shower, she turned to wash her hair and when she looked back the sliding glass door was open about a foot.  She has also heard a high pitch giggling at other times while washing her hair and no one else was in the apartment.

During the investigation we had our newiest addition to the TAGH team, J, join us for some training. We began by conducting an EMF reading of the apartment and getting current tempatures of all rooms, Cassy had this task. Couri was setting up the IR camera in the bathroom in order to see if we could catch the peeping ghost. Chris was instructing J on how to use the equiptment and the responsibilities that come along with it.
As we began Couri and Cassy sat with the owner in the area they stated they saw the brown haired girl.  J and Chris went to the bathroom in order to see if they could hear any sounds or see if any thing was going on.
About twenty minutes into the investigation Couri began doing EMF sweeps of the Bathroom and began getting readings higher than a 5 on the scale we attempted to locate the source of the readings only to discover that it was coming from the opening in the roof. J volunteered to check out the area so he was lifted into the opening with the flash light and the EMF detector. Upon entering the area J got an over whelming sense that something was going to appear and the EMF field seemed to disappear and reappear from all over. Since the EMF readings were not stable, we decided to leave the voice recorder in the bathroom, along with the camera we had set up, to allow the devices to attempt to record what was going on. Couri and J sat in the bedroom after this and began seeing light fluctuations against the wall.
After an hour and a half the team packed up and headed out to review the data.

Early Friday Chris and Couri began reviewing the Data Chris on Audio and Couri on Video.
Audio - During Review of the Audio footage I located a few Clicks and bangs really nothing to get excited about as it is an second story apartment. I did get one voice off the recorder which sounded like a female saying there is nothing up here, I was sure if it was background from us in the living room or not but i decided that would be up to the owner to decide. I also after review of the Audio from the IR Camera determined that a voice picked up and noted by Couri states "why is that hair not going down" After total review of the audio footage of this area I can state that no one heard it as no one reacted to that statement and it was completely out of place to the conversation that was going on. Over all i can not make any professional opinion on this location based on this evidence. My comments to the owner were that I don't think there is anything to worry about, If you do have something in there it's not showing it's self to us and wasn't active enough to detect it. Don't worry i think your safe.
Video - During investigation of the Video i discovered a voice in the second minute of the tape running. It was hard to make out so we had chris run it through the audio software and amplified the voice and removed the backgound his from the clip. The voice seemed to stand out as chris said and it was decided to show the clip to the owner. The video did not really show anything else, however we though a black mass passed in front of the camera several times however after further investigation we determined that it was a light shining on the camera which made the IR lights dim on the camera, blinding it or making the image very difficult to see.

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