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The Albuquerque Ghost Hunters


KiMo Theater Investigation


Investigation Date: 1-9-08
TAGH  investigated The KiMo Theater on Jaunuary 9, 2008.  The claims were of a little boy, by the name of Bobby Darnell, playing tricks on actors and performers in the theater.  Bobby, at the age of 4 years old, passed away in the Theater due to a broiler explosion located under the stairs.  It is unknown why he got up from his seat but the claims are that he was either scared or restless.  While walking down the stairs the explosion happened and he died instantly.  There has also been claims that people across the street would see him waving for the third floor window. Another figure has been reported as a tall women in a white gown. Visitors have said they hear laughter of a child, foot steps, and whispering from a human that does not exist.
After having a horrible performance, the group hung doughnuts on the back wall of the stage, that is covered by a curtain, so that Bobby would not interupt their show, and they did succeed.  All following groups did the same action and  had successful shows. However, there are claims made that doughnuts would go missing from time to time.  After awhile, a group came in that needed the back wall as a prop and removed all the doughnuts.  During their opening night performance, props started on fire and light bulbs began to burst.  They then decided to dedicate a "shrine" to Bobby and placed an item that represented their show inside it.  The shrine is located in a niche on the stairwell that leads to the dressing room.  Since then, many groups have followed this tradition and added items to the shrine. However, there have been some groups that did not believe in the existance of Bobby and have taken the risk of not adding anything.  These groups are now believers due to Bobby's interactions with them.  Some are: Performers forgetting to show up, forgetting lines, tripping, electicity shortage, and sound shortage.
Upon arrival, we were greeted by the KiMo staff and were given a tour of the theater and were told the claims stated above.  We then started the set up process and this is when activity started up.  Chris brought in all the equipment (including the duct tape) and Couri brought in the table and television.  They both layed their equipment down in the art gallery and Chris had memorably rested the duct tape on the arm of the tripod.  After setting up the table and T.V., Couri picked up the tripod and started applying the camera to it but did not see the duct tape anywhere in sight.  A few seconds later, Chris began looking around for the duct tape as well but nothing was said between the two.  All investigators joined in on looking for it but since we had brought more tape, we did not dwell on it for too long.  Keep in mind, all equipment has been previously used in TAGH investigations so we were 100% positive of how everything worked.  All equipment was then set up and we began our investigation.  A couple investigators had some personal experiences, such as foot steps or swishing pants, but overall, we felt as if Bobby wasn't with us that night.  Upon take down, all investigators took one more walk through to make sure the duct tape wasn't anywhere to be found.  We even went as far as going to the shrine, looking throught the isles, searching trashcans, and were even on our hands and knees a few times.  During this process, Chris began to take down the infrared camera.  When he was walking towards the recorder, he pressed the stop button on the remote. At this point, the recorder would normally begin to finalize the disc. However, when he reached the screen it was already at the main menu. Chris thought it could have finalized within seconds so he went to the main menu to make sure it had written onto the disc but nothing was there.  After playing around with the machine to see what could have happened, we came to the conclusion that the only way it could not have saved is if the power was disconnected and the recorder was then turned back on.  If the power is turned back on, the camera would automatically turn on and the screen was not connected to the electricity.  We are not sure what happened that night but at this time, we are reviewing all equipment and looking over everything collected that night at the KiMo.

In the following clip you will see the top left balcony of the Kimo Theater. We do not take much on orbs but this one iterested us. In the left corner of the screen you will see a fuzz by the wall. Then all of a sudden something appears, (we think it looks like a hand) reaches over the wall, and then disappears into an orb shaped object which shoots off to the right and up.  It is as if a little kid is trying to jump up on the wall.  It also looks as if the "hand" is waving.  This corner is said to have a lot of activity from other ghost hunting groups.


Additional Notes
Chris, after reviewing the audio captured on one of the recorders, noticed that the audio was digitialized. Chris will be conducting Analysis on the Digital Recorder to see if it malfunctioned. If it did malfunction the entire audio collection on this recorder will be dismissed as Malfuction. If it does not malfunction again then maybe it will be added to the issues we experianced in this building

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