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The Albuquerque Ghost Hunters


Our Equipment

The equipment we utilize is used by other teams throughout the county.

Digital Voice Recorder (DVR)

This device, when used properly, can be used to hear EVP's or Electronic Voice Phenomena's. Electronic Voice Phenomena are speech or speech-like sounds, which are not able to be heard by the human ear but detected on electronic recording devices upon playback.

Infrared Camera (IR Camera)
These cameras are stationary and monitor a specific area of the investigation site. This will allow us to see any object or anything that moves in the dark.

Electromagnetic Field Detector (EMF)

This piece of equipment allows an investigator to detect any object emitting an Electronic Field.  It is said that Ghosts trying to manifest, or show itself, will take energy out of the air and condense it in a small area.  The EMF detector will then pick up the spot in which the energy is compacted into and let us know. 

Digital Thermometer
This hand held digital thermometer allows us to find cold spots quickly and more effecieintly and it tells us the temperature of that certain area compared to the surrounding area.

Handheld Infrared IR Thermometer (Digital)
Ghosts when attempting to manifest need to draw energy and it is said that they will sometimes pull energy from the air making cold spots. This device will actually allow us to take a reading of the air tempature.  

Digital Camera
Digital Cameras are used to allow us to review the scene, incase during our investigation, we miss something and allows us a second chance to review an area.

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