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The Albuquerque Ghost Hunters


July 13, 2008 NE Heights Residence

Team Members -
Couri - Lead Investigator
Chris - Equipment
Cassandra - Investigator
Matthew - Trainee
John - Trainee

Equipment Utilized:
1 IR Camera
1 Sony Handy Camera
2 Digital Recorders
1 Digital Thermometer
1 EMF Detector

Claims reported :


Analysis of Data:
Chris on Audio
Cassandra on Video

Team Reports:
Chris and Matthew - During the Investigation we started off in the Kitchen with one Digital recorder and the EMF detector. Durign the Investigation the EMF detector kept acting up, when in the down position it would pin the needle and when facing up right it would be at a steady one confusing us. We did go in to the back yard of the home and discovered that a transformer sits in the back yard which may be the reasoning for the High and crazy EMF fields. Our team took the EMF detector and ran some checks on it after the investigation and it functioned normally. This means that there are high EMF fields in the this house which we believe could be the problem causing the feelings felt by the owners.
Cassandra, Courissa, and John - During this investigation we started off in the "KISS ROOM" and ran the Digital thermometer. we had a few odd readings but nothing out of the ordinary.
Our determination is that there is a large EMF field in the house creating a Fear Cage in the house which could result in resolving the Claims from the owner.
During the entire investigation we did not have anyother personal experiences.
Audio Report:
After reviewing all the audio collected by the team during the investigation no EVP's were captured.
Video Report:
After reviewing all the Video collected by the team no unknown objects were detected.
Final Report:
We believe that due to the lack of evidence collected during our investigation this house does not appear to be haunted. We do believe this house has some electrical issues that need to be resolved which if not taken care of could begin to make people feel ill.

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