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The Albuquerque Ghost Hunters

North East Heights Residence (Location non-disclosable)

Team Members -
Chris O.-Lead Investigator
Chris N.- Equipment
Cassandra - Investigator
Matthew - Trainee
Sara - Trainee

Equipment Utilized:
2 IR Cameras
2 Sony Handy Cams
2 Digital Recorders
1 Digital Thermometer
1 EMF Detector
2 Digital Cameras

Claims Reported:

Analysis of Data:
Chris O. on Audio
Sara on Video and Photography

Team Reports:
Early in the investigation two of our investigators Cassandra and Chris N. were sitting in the front room when for no reason the flashlight in Cassandras hand turned on.
During the end of the investigation two investigators Cassandra and Sara were in the garage when they heard moving from the attic area. After asking if someone was up there another noise was made. A question was posed if that is you making all that noise up there please make that thumping again which was followed by three large thumps.
our determination was there was something strange going on in this house, enough to say haunted by the end of the investigation ... no, but we still had tons of video and audio to look through.
Video Evidence:
Since the investigation ran 3 hours we now had over 12 hours of Video to look through, after sitting through all of it we where unable to locate anything that was out of place.
Digital Thermometer:
As the investigation went on we utilized the digital thermometer off and on we did not come up with any strange readings.
EMF Detector:
Utilizing the EMF detector we did locate some strange unexplainable readings how ever when we did take photos of the area nothing was revealed.
Audio: (wow)
As you can tell from above we got tons of hits on the audio I will be attaching some clips soon

Final Report:
When we gave our final report to the owners we stated that we thought they might have some paranormal activity in the house and asked to come back, they have given us an open invite to come back and will for sure.
Since we are not completely done with this house we are not going to issue a final report on the house.

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