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The Albuquerque Ghost Hunters


Menaul Park Investigation

Background information
Located at the end of Menaul Boulevard in the foothills, allegedly visitors have heard the sounds of screaming, phantom footsteps and bodies being dragged.  According to the legend, an old man once lived in the caves at the top of the hills, sometimes bringing prostitutes there and killing them.  Other reports tell of the apparition of an old man walking and the swinging of a lantern by unseen hands.

Investigation Date: 10-27-07
On this audio clip you will hear a voice in spanish which is not supposed to be there, Then you will hear Chris say " I thought you said girl", wind, then another voice which again was not supposed to be there say "you will have to help remind me". After that you will hear another really loud voice.
"Now lets see whats on your tummy"
This clip was taken out side of the Cave at Menaul Park. The only people present was Chris and Couri
None of these voices are Couri!!!

Investigation Date: 10-29-07
We did not experience anything physical, on the camera, or the Digital Voice Recorders.  Claims say that the guy brought the prostitutes up to this cave on the weekends.  We went for the second time on a monday which could be a huge reason to why we did not find anything.

EVP Testing in the Cave - Chris

EVP testing outside the cave - Chris

Investigation Date: 11-3-07
On Saturday November 3rd our team conducted our third investigation of Menaul park. We spent an hour conducting EVP tests and Photograph checks of the area.

On this EVP you can hear Couri, then a male voice, and then a female voice, and under the voice you can hear our assistant Jessica. If you can hint to what it might be saying please let us know on our comment page.
"Okay after listening to this one about 300 times or so I think it says "dat ain't my hubby" but i could be wrong" says Chris.

Jess and Couri conducting EVP's at Menaul Park

Our Findings
During our investigations we did not encounter any of the stated activites. Could we have set up in the wrong place, quite possible.  However, we were able to debunk some of the claims made.  Within the park, there are many reflective signs and lights that would, in fact, look very similar to a lantern, especially to those who are walking in the dark and are very skeptic about things they hear and/or see.
Although, during the hours spent in and around the cave we did not experience anything in person, we did catch a lot of EVP's. So are we ready to say the park at Menaul is haunted?.....
Investigator opinions
Chris - Yes...I think there are alot of spirits present, They might not have enough energy to form a shape but we do have them on record speaking.
Couri - No... I need physical evidence.  EVP's can be very useful but only to a certain extent.  We cannot ever say that we are 100% positive that what we hear on the Digital Voice Recorders is, in fact, a voice or something that someone has claimed previously because there are so many backround noises to consider.  In my point of view, all a Digital Voice Recorder can do is prove that there is paranormal activity.  I need to see things move, feel cold spots, see aparations, hear vioces, and/or catch things on video to claim a place is haunted.
Cassy - No...I am the biggest skeptic when it comes to ghosts. I think there might have been someone else up there or possible another reason for the voices on the recording. Unless I see the ghost in person I am not going to believe a place is haunted.
Jessica - I am not too sure about this place.  I can't say that it isn't haunted, but then again I cannot say that it is haunted.  I can't really put a finger on what the voices we here actually are but they aren't normal. If I saw physical evidence, it would make me more of a believer.

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