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Our team has been around since 2007 and made up of individuals from many different back grounds and professions.

Chris Owen


Chief Investigator and Orginization President - Chris has been with the team from the get-go. As one of the teams original members Chris has worked hard to advance the team and create a professional team to assist you with all your paranormal needs. Chris is in law enforcement and ensures all team members pass a background check before allowing them to embark on investigations.

Daniel Martinez
Lead Investigator- Daniel is the newest member of the team bringing a new sense of direction to the team. Daniel is a important religious asset to the team conducting "cleansings" of locations if needed.

Chris N.

Investigator - Chris brings a great attitude to the team and is an asset that is vital to the success of the team.

Investigator - Jessica was the first person brought into the team as a trainee over the past years Jessica has become a vital part of the team bringing her own personal experiences to the team. Jessica is also a student at UNM

Cassandra Owen

Case Manager - Cassandra is here to assist you with taking your calls and arrainging a time to conduct an investigation.

Assistant - Matthew has been with the team for little over a year. Currently Matthew is a part time with the team but a great asset to have.



Couri Clay
Founder- Couri created the team determined to uncover paranormal activity and explain it. Although other teams are available in the area The Albuquerque Ghost Hunters or TAGH (pronounced TAG) is determined at presenting only solid 100% evidence dismissing all explainable or possibly manipulated documentation. The orginization is also determined to assist you in reclaiming your home in the rituals of your religious faith.  Couri is currently a student at UNM and responsible for assisting in the research on collected documentation.