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Team: Chris O., Jessica and Matthew. Guest ( Cassandra)

The owner resident of this home had her husband pass away recently in the house as well as a few months there after lost her mother. She asked us to come into her house to find out if the spirits were of her mother and/or husband. She also stated that a spirt upstairs may be malicious and moving things.

With all the equipment set up in the house the recorder in the laundry room and the upstairs bathroom were the only devices that captured evidence.

Laundry Room - During the investigation Jessica our guest Cassandra and the owners daughter were in the bedroom upstairs with the Voice recorder conducting an EVP session when jessica asked the entity to get out of the corner. A thump was heard and the owners daughter became uneasy and had to leave the room. The entire team came down stairs and headed to the living room. As the team was discussing what had occured Chris grabbed the hand held camera and began to head up  stairs. As Chris was heading to the stairs this EVP was captured in the laundry room.
In this Audio Clip you will hear some background noise in the middle you will hear a males voice that says back-up. This was not Chris or Matthew, and was not located on the Camera evidence when reviewed We believe this was a voice on the stairs which responded to Chris heading towards the stairs.


UpStairs Back Bedroom - Shortly after the events with the owners daughter chris went upstairs with the Hand Held camera and began trying to challenge what ever was in the room. In this next EVP you will hear Chris saying Do Something directly after you hear a voice however it was unable to be identified as to what it was saying. This is the unedited version of the recording.



Several other unidetified sounds were captured from this resident and shared with the residents. The resident has reuested us to return to conduct a detailed overnight investigation in the home.


EVP Number: